Meet The Core Team


E Acad is the premier training and skill development organization which was started with a vision to bring world class most innovative training content for UPSC, SSC, State Exams, Railways, GATE and many more to everyone's doorsteps . 


To create smarter India. With this tagline in mind, we are trying to build our content smarter and cheaper than anyone in the market.

One AIM only - Smarter India

company mission

To innovate and bring the best content to our users to learn and remember things for a longer time. 

To make content enjoyable

To provide Free UPSC and GATE content to best and needy 20 students each year.

To reach out to each and every needy student at a very cheap rate.


Our Family

Kunal Mane 

Animation Head

Deepika Mukherjee
M.Tech - Biotechnology
IIT Bombay

Mrunal Kolhal

Content Developer

Rajendra Virkar

MSc. Mathematics

University of Pune

Avinash More

M.Tech Aerodynamics

IIT Bombay

Dharmendra Shaw

M.Tech Aerodynamics

IIT Bombay

Mahesh Shikare