Transforming Education,

Lets come together to change the way in which education is delivered to the school

This Is How We Started


We were founded

Team of 7 was created


Got our first and second seed investment

Partnered with one School

E Acad is an EdTech startup providing digital solutions to Schools and Coaching Institutes. We help them to transform their school for 21st-century Learning.

E Acad was started in July 2020 with 3 founders. By September the team size reached 7. Starting with 10 students initially, the number increased rapidly to more than 100. 

In the first year, the team focused on bootstrapping through coaching and simultaneously created the content..

Team got its first investment in 2021 and soon after it got its second investment in same year. 

By 2030

Each School in India is Using modern Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality etc. Every Student get his Fundamental Right of Education.

Unite in Numbers 


Team Size




Platforms for Teaching


Operating Places

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