Geography Lesson- Summary

Geography lesson is a poem by Zulfikar Ghose. This poem describes the view of a city from the jet. The poet thinks that the cities are disorganized. As the jet movies higher, the poet thinks that the people have created boundaries of hate among themselves.

The poet describes the view of the city from the aeroplane in the first stanza. In the poet’s opinion, the cities are not planned properly and it seems unorganized.

When the aeroplane flies higher at the height of ten thousand feet from the ground, he finds out that the cities are located near the rivers. He understands that the people settled near water bodies because the basic necessity of human life is water.

When the plane reaches the height of 6 miles, the earth looks round. The poet finds that earth ahs more water than land. However, the poet cannot understand why the people on earth hate each other as he thinks that they have built walls of hatred across the cities to kill each other.

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