The Ant and the Cricket

The Ant and the Cricket is a poem adapted from the Aesop’s Fables.

In the first stanza, the poet describes the character of the cricket as silly and fun-loving. The cricket used to sing throughout summer and spring. He was busy enjoying the weather and I did not care enough to store food for the winter season.

When winter came, the cricket was in trouble as he had nothing to eat in his home. Due to this he was starving and shivering with cold. He gathered some courage and went to the ant to ask for help.

He requested the ant to give him some food but the ant told him that the ants neither borrow nor lend to anyone. The ant also cricket the reason for not collecting food. The cricket told the ant that he did not care enough and was busy enjoying the pleasant weather. He also thought that food and water will always be in abundance.

The ant was annoyed listening to the cricket’s explanation and told him that he should pass time singing and dancing in winter also. The ant pushed the cricket out of his home.

The poet ends the poem by concluding that he thinks that this fable is true. There are many people who do not care for the future and repent on the lost time only when the time has passed.

This poem teaches us that we should behave like ants. We should always prepare for the future like the ant in this poem. We should not adopt the characteristics of cricket or else we will repent in the end.

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