The Best Christmas Present in the World - Class 8th

The Best Christmas Present in the World

The Best Christmas Present in the world is a story by Michael Morpurgo. The story begins when the author buys a roll-top table from a junk shop. The table is in a bad condition, hence, the author decides to repair it on Christmas Eve. When the author pulls out one of the drawers, he finds a secret space there which contains a small tin box that says “Jim’s last letter, received January, 25,1915. To be buried when the time comes.” The letter also has the address of Mrs. Jim Macpherson written on it.

When the author begins to read the letter, he comes to know that it is written by Jim Macpherson, a captain of the English army, to his wife Connie. In this letter, Mr. Macpherson narrates a beautiful incident that took place on the battlefield on the day of Christmas.

The English and the Germans were at war on the day of Christmas. Suddenly, the German soldiers wished the English soldiers Merry Christmas and so did the English Soldiers. Captain Macpherson thought that this was a trick, but the German soldiers bought canned meat and wine and started hugging each other. Hans Wolf, the German officer also shook hands with Macpherson. They also exchanged a healthy conversation. The soldiers played football together and enjoyed food and wine afterward. Macpherson wrote that these memories were a treasure for his lifetime and hoped that the war would end soon.

After reading this letter, the author decided to return this letter to Mrs. Macpherson. He went to the address written on the letter but found out that Mrs. Macpherson was in the nursing home. The author then goes to the nursing home and finds reads this letter to Connie. Her eyes lip up with joy and she tells the writer that this is the best Christmas present in the world.

This story gives the message that wars bring only destruction and sadness to people in this world. Thus, we should avoid wars and try to main peace in this world. Only a peaceful environment can make a man happy.

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