The Tsunami- Summary

The Tsunami is a chapter that consists of three parts. It deals with incidents that took place when the Tsunami hit different parts of the world.

The first part includes stories from Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The first story is of a person named Igneous, a manager of a cooperative society in Katchall. One morning, at 6 am, his wife woke him up as she sensed an earthquake. When the earthquake stopped, his family could see the sea rising and as a result, the tsunami swept his wife, two children, father in law and brother-in-law away.

The second story is about a policeman named Sanjeev. Sanjeev was able to save himself and his family during the tsunami. However, when he heard the cries of the guest cook John’s wife, he jumped into the water to save her. As a result, he could not save her as well as himself and both drowned.

The third story is about a 13 years old girl named Meghana. The tsunami swept her as well as her parents and seventy-seven other people. Fortunately, she held onto a wooden door which lead to her life being saved.

The fourth story is about a ten years old girl named Almas. When her father saw a strong gush of water, he woke everybody up to go to a safe space. Her father, mother, aunts and grandfather got swept away but Almas climbed onto a floating wooden log and fainted. She was later taken to a hospital in Kamorta.

The second part of the chapter includes a story from Thailand. This story is about a girl named Tilly. On 26th December, Tilly and her family were at the beach when Tilly recognized the signs of a Tsunami. They then returned to the hotel and the hotel building withstood the force of the Tsunami and the whole family was saved.

The third part of this chapter talks about the sixth sense of animals. In the Yala National Park in Sri Lanka, 60 people died during a Tsunami but only two animals died. Some people also noticed three elephants run away from the beach an hour before the on-set of the Tsunami. In another incident from Galle in Sri Lanka, two dogs refused to go to the beach for a walk which saved their masters’ lives as well.

In conclusion, this chapter teaches us to keep our environment clean. If we don’t do so, these incidents will keep taking place.

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